What's your Dream Job?

What's your Dream Job?

Seven years ago I was working full time as the Sr. Hair and Makeup Artist at CNN. I was at the top of my makeup game and finding success in working with my celebrity clientele. Sounds dreamy, yet something was missing. In fact many things were.

While the path I was on looked glamorous as I traveled the nation to teach peer makeup artists, I could not make ends meet, I never had free time to be with my family, and was suffering from absolute exhaustion, anxiety, and was not feeling fulfilled. At that time I realized i needed to start defining what success meant to me. Being able to say "YES!" to chaperoning at least one of my child's field trips was a goal of mine, maybe bringing my family on a vacation to Disneyworld, and just being able to keep up with car payments.

I was willing to try my hand at something new, learn what I needed to learn, if there was a chance I could do these things and not burn the string at both ends.

I say all this to say that while people see as a celebrity artist, I absolutely understand the pressure of being able to provide, but doing it while being in a supportive (and FUN!) environment was just as important to me. So I can relate so much to the different reasons people with all sorts of experiences and backgrounds turn to see if this is something they could do too.

I'm excited to explore this business opportunity with you and see if it is a good fit for where you are in your life. Your story may not relate to mine but it doesn't mean there isn't a part of this business that will help fulfill something you are looking to do in your life.

Let's talk!